History and Constitution

 First Mention

The origin of the Chamber is believed to be from a deed dated 1777 when it was known as, ‘The Society of Sundry Trades and Callings’. On 23rd July, 1885 a meeting was held at the Hare & Hounds (now the Co-op) to form an Association of Traders.
In 1937, the current Chamber of Commerce, in its present form, was established.


The Silver Jubilee

This was celebrated in 1962 by having a Cheese & Wine Tasting Party, with music, at Showering’s Conference Hall (10/- per head!). The town band played in the Market Place and there was a window spotting competition with traders donating £1 towards prizes.



The aims of the Shepton Mallet and District Chamber of Commerce are as follows:

  •  To continue the work now carried on by the Chamber, and particularly for the association of merchants, traders and other to originate, consider, organise, maintain and promote such lawful measures, plans and schemes as may be calculated to benefit, improve and advance the interests of its members.
  • To establish and support or aid in the establishment and support of any other chambers, groups or associations formed for all or any of the objects of the Chamber.
  • To prepare, promote and support anything affecting the member’s interests and to oppose measures which, in the opinion of The Chamber, are likely to prove injurious to it or its members.
  • To print and publish any letters, periodicals, books and leaflets that The Chamber may think desirable for the protection of its objects.
  • To invest the monies of The Chamber not immediately required for its purpose in or upon such investments, securities, or property as may be thought fit.
  • To affiliate/co-operate with any institutions, societies or associations having objects altogether or in part similar to those of this Chamber.


The normal rules for meetings are followed by the Chamber.